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What is MoleScope

MoleScope is a mobile dermatoscope that captures a high-resolution, detailed view of the skin through magnification and specialized lighting. The images are accessible anywhere at any time through the secure platform for analysis and diagnosis.

MoleScope instructions video

MoleScope products

You may experience focusing issues when using your MoleScope device on newer iPhone models such as iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max due to the changes made to their camera systems. If that’s the case, we recommend following these actions:

  1. Use a phone case to attach the universal plate and make sure your device is flat on the camera when attached. For best practices, phone cases should have a smooth back. Rubber, leather, and textured surfaces should be avoided.
  2. Turn on your MoleScope device and set your smartphone camera to portrait mode at 1x zoom. Tap on the screen to focus before taking any images.
  3. If you are still experiencing difficulty focusing on the lesion, please do not hesitate to contact us at for further assistance.

MoleScope I

molescope 1

The basic MoleScope™ is a smartphone attachment for dermoscopy that provides a high-resolution, detailed view of the skin through magnification and specialized lighting. The device is powered by cell batteries and is available for a selection of different smartphones and tablets.

MoleScope II

molescope 2

The new MoleScope™ II captures a superior image quality for medical professionals. Changeable contact and non-contact imaging caps and the rechargeable battery offer a new level of quality and convenience that matches dermatoscopes used by professionals.

MoleScope II Universal

molescope universal

The new Universal model can be used on most smartphone with a high quality camera. The device is attached with the universal attachment set. Check out the video for further explanation.

MoleScope Lite

molescope lite

MoleScope™ Lite is a patient-friendly dermoscope that allows your patients to perform routine imaging, submit suspicious spots for review, and remain engaged in their care plan from the comfort of their home.

  • Mobile App: smart dermoscopy
    made simple

    Designed to work seamlessly with the MoleScope dermoscopy attachment, the MoleScope app provides precise and efficient documentation for your busy clinical workflow. The MoleScope App is free available for iOS or Android. The comprehensive mobile medical imaging solution syncs with the DermEngine* web platform for image archiving and patient management.

  • Direct syncing between the app
    and web platform

    DermEngine’s* analytical tools allows you to examine and compare images in-depth on your tablet and desktop web browsers. Advanced imaging and analytic tools provide state of the art features for dermatology.

  • Customize your own network

    Build and customize your own referral network on the DermEngine* platform. DermEngine* can securely connect you with your hospitals, clinics, family physicians, dermatologists and pathology centres.


Empower your patients

With the MoleScope App, patients can perform routine imaging from home and are actively involved in their care plan. MoleScope will remind your patients when it is time for their regular skin exams.

Please note that MoleScope is not a diagnostic or a therapeutic device. It is intended for imaging, archiving and communication only.

MoleScope features

ABCD of skin cancer
3D body map
Lesion organization
Secure and private
Smart quality control
Image import/export

MoleScope users


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*DermEngine is not included with the purchase of a MoleScope. It is a separate advanced but easy to use dermatology platform. Visit the website for more information here


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