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    Paul Wu, President of Anmo Electronics Corporation:

    Since late 2006 Dino-Lite is distributed by IDCP. We value them as one of our most trustworthy partners. Their swift and seamless communication, utmost customer support and the brand building capabilities have earned satisfaction and trust from the Dino-Lite users.

    The Dino-Lite products differ from most consumer or industrial products, a wide range of different Dino-Lite products are offered for many different applications in many different market segments. This requires in-depth knowledge, which is especially hard in the setup phase of a product or market. Due to the complexity of the European market with the different languages and the large cultural differences, the marketing of a new product such as Dino-Lite even is harder. IDCP has been able to overcome all these challenges and have helped building Dino-Lite into the market leader for digital handheld microscopes.

    As the designer and manufacturer of Dino-Lite, we are happy to work with IDCP for their professional way of handling Dino-Lite, this gives us the time and strength to put more energy in developing new products and further build the Dino-Lite brand.

  • Qomo logo

    Gregory Vincent, International Sales Manager, Qomo Hitevision LLC:

    QOMO HITEVISION introduced IDCP into our European distribution strategy in 2012 and their professional marketing tactics had an immediate impact on our company branding in the EU market. We are very appreciative of their eagerness to promote our brand at the highest professional level. IDCP stands out as a knowledgeable and effective marketeer.

    Apart from marketing, we are very impressed with IDCP's willingness to help support all customers. Their prompt responses to customers' inquiries and support issues are captured and attended to in a timely fashion. IDCP has even reached out to support products that were sold prior to becoming an authorized distributor.

    We look forward to growing the business together with IDCP and we greatly enjoy every interaction we have with their team.

    Gregory Vincent
    International Sales Manager

  • Sleek logo

    Jason Krywko, COO of Sleek Audio LLC:

    Working with IDCP has been a fantastic experience. From our first meeting it was apparent they had significant knowledge of the CE industry and the ability to move product across Europe in an efficient and professional manner.

    The team at IDCP has become more than just a distribution channel for Sleek Audio. They have become a marketing champion for our product in Europe and even in the United States. They voluntarily traveled to the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas to help us promote our product line to more than 150,000 attendees. In addition the planned the entire logistics and marketing campaign for the IFA show in Germany creating one of the most talked about booths at the entire show.

    It has been apparent that IDCP excels at providing excellent service and world-class marketing and distribution experience. We have been very privileged at Sleek Audio to work with them.


    Jason Krywko
    Chief Operating Officer
    Sleek Audio, LLC

  • GST logo

    Nelson Fathollahi, President & CEO Of Greensound Technology:

    We first met the directors of IDCP at the CES exhibition in Las Vegas where we were exhibiting our glass speakers. It was clear from the first moment that they were highly experienced, knowledgeable, but also critical in a positive sense.

    Immediately after the CES we started discussing a potential cooperation, a few weeks after our first meeting IDPC took the trouble to visit our headquarters in California, a step that greatly increased our confidence in their intentions. A few weeks after our meeting we were able to sign a distribution agreement.

    The European market consists of dozens of countries with many different languages, major cultural differences, and complicated laws and regulations. This makes the European market very difficult to enter for non-European suppliers. IDCP knows like no other this complex environment and is capable of finding the right retailers or distributors for each country. Right from the start of our cooperation IDCP has greatly helped us to build our brand in Europe, on a strategic as well as an operational level. For example, what particularly impressed us was the fact that IDCP developed and implemented a full European website in 8 different languages (including Russian and Turkish) in a few weeks.

    For us, a major reason to grant European distribution rights to IDCP was the fact that they act as a distribution hub for the whole of Europe including Turkey and Russia. IDCP is much more than an agent or a sales consultancy, they stock our products and are able to re-distribute our products in lower volumes against lower costs to new European resellers or end-users. For most resellers or end-users this is not only much cheaper, but also takes down several logistic barriers.

    For manufacturers of high-tech and innovative products IDCP is the ideal partner to enter the European market or to reorganize European operations. IDCP is effectively our European headquarters without the high costs and the high risks of starting a European subsidiary by oneself. We cannot imagine a better partner and are proud to have them act on behalf of us as Greensound Europe.

    Nelson Fathollahi
    President & CEO
    Greensound Technology


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