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About IDCP

IDCP stands for Digital Innovation. It is the core business of IDCP to enter new markets with innovative products from young and innovative companies from the Far East or North America. It is common for new innovative products to take a long time to get into the portfolio of the larger electronics companies.

IDCP can help young international companies to get into the European market quickly and establish their own brand with dedicated sales channels. IDCP has the knowledge and the experience (established in 2001) in trade and distribution of innovative products in many different categories. As a distributor for the whole of Europe or sometimes specific markets, we work with innovative suppliers of interesting new products.

In the current 'digital life' many new developments and products are not introduced by the well known brands, but more often by exiting new companies that can surface around the world. IDCP is dedicated to bringing these products to the market at an early stage.

Jan Boers, product & marketing director IDCP:

"For me, a product needs to be relevant"

"I was originally a political scientist and IT journalist. I have always approached products with the question of relevance. I take the user and the application as the benchmark, but I also ask myself the question whether I would like to use this product myself. Only products that have relevance, are useful interest me. If I can answer that question positively I know that it can fit in IDCP and we can successfully market the product. As a journalist I was always sorry to see interesting new products that were not well represented in Europe, so that is what we try to do with IDCP. The total process from finding new suppliers with great products to the point where we see acceptance of the products in the market fascinates me greatly, but it always starts with product relevance."


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