Matias Products

  • Regular Keyboards

    • Matias offers a range of regular keyboards catering to users who prefer a familiar, straightforward typing experience. These keyboards provide a traditional layout and key placement, making them intuitive and comfortable for those accustomed to standard designs.

    • Scissor Switch keyboards: Quiet, responsive typing without the audible click of mechanical switches, ideal for low-noise environments.

    • Mechanical keyboards: Offer a premium typing experience with tactile feedback, while maintaining the classic layout. Tenkeyless (TKL) keyboards: Compact design that removes the numeric keypad, perfect for limited desk space or a streamlined setup.

    • Matias Wireless USB-C keyboards come equipped with AES-128 bit encryption, ensuring secure data transmission and protecting your sensitive information.
  • RGB/Backlight Keyboards

    RGB/Backlight Keyboards offer a variety of lighting options that users can customise to suit their preferences or desired ambiance, whether for gaming or work environments. They enhance visibility in low light conditions, making it easier to locate keys and work efficiently. These keyboards are favoured for their ability to set specific moods or atmospheres, with users able to select from a full spectrum of colors using the scroll bar.

  • Ergonomic Keyboards


    Matias offers a variety of designs tailored to enhance comfort and reduce strain during typing. From split keyboards offering ergonomic benefits to assistive technology keyboards facilitating one handed typing, this collection caters to diverse needs and also encourages better alignment and posture while typing. Ergonomic keyboards aim to alleviate strain on the wrists, hands, and arms. They offer a more comfortable and intuitive typing experience, potentially increasing typing speed and reducing errors compared to regular keyboards.

  • Ergonomic Mice


    Made from durable ABS plastic and engineered with a comfortable ergonomic shape. Featuring our USB-C nano receiver, renowned as the world's smallest in its category. For the wireless version simply connect it to your computer and your mouse is ready to use. Explore our range of available mice, developed over years of research to offer enduring ergonomic solutions, ensuring sustained performance without wear and tear over time.

Matias Products